Refractory solutions for Zinc, Zinc Oxide and Galvanizing

Our refractories offer increased thermal performance, longer component life and higher production output. With a wide range of materials and manufacturing capabilities, Saint-Gobain is a trusted supplier to many zinc production facilities.


Key Products

SpyroCor® Flame Diffuser Inserts for Immersion Tube Furnaces

Operators of immersion tube furnaces trust Saint-Gobain for reliable, long lasting ceramics and refractories. Now they can take advantage of an innovative new product to melt metal faster and with less energy!


Inside of the immersion heating tube is the flame diffuser, a component essential to burner performance.  For years, little attention has been paid to them, and furnace operators have been forced to settle for rudimentary designs, outdated materials and ordinary performance. All that is changing with the introduction of SpyroCor® flame diffuser inserts by Saint-Gobain.

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Wire Galvanizing

Cryston® Max immersion heater tubes offer optimum thermal performance, increased lifetime and production output.

Cast Refrax® wire guides and sinker stones exhibit excellent wear resistance. Silicon carbide acid sliders, combs and beams are also recommended for superior life.

Zinc Oxide Muffle Furnaces

Cryston® Max specially developed oxy-nitride bonded SiC offers superior thermal performance for arches in ZnO muffle furnaces. This highly oxidation resistant material allows for high thermal conductivity throughout the lifetime of the product, improving fuel savings.

Zinc Oxide Retorts

Cryston® Max, Carbofrax® R1 or Refrax® 20 high oxidation resistance materials are indicated for zinc oxide retorts. These materials allow high thermal conductivity throughout the lifetime of the product, improving fuel savings.

Electrothermic Process

High oxidation resistance Cryston® materials offer superior strength, chemical and oxidation resistance to gas stream in condensers.

  • Wire Galvanizing
  • Zinc Oxide Muffle Furnaces
  • Zinc Oxide Retorts
  • Electrothermic Process