Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) offers one of the greatest cross-sections of material properties across both oxide and non-oxide fine ceramic groups. It is a specialist solution for extreme working environments, meeting the requirements for some of the harshest industrial conditions on earth. Engineers and process managers in a range of challenging fields utilize silicon nitride ceramics to add value to their production chains, through superior mechanical and thermal performance over extended life cycles.

Silicon Nitride: Grades, Formats & Bonding Types

Silicon Nitride is a low-density fine ceramic with exceptional thermomechanical properties courtesy of its unique interlocking microstructure. Saint-Gobain produces high performance silicon nitride via hot pressing and sintering, which yields a near-net shape of outstanding strength and toughness. Hot-pressed silicon Si3N4 is usually prescribed for applications requiring the highest possible flexural strength and the maximum fracture toughness possible.

Saint-Gobain has decades of experience in the generation of high-performance technical ceramics for demanding areas of application. Our understanding of the complexities of silicon nitride ceramic formation and generation makes us one of the foremost Si3N4 ceramic suppliers worldwide

Nitride Bonded SiC
Cast Refrax®
Cryston® TW
Cryston® Cu Max
Refrax® ARC
Noralide® NBD200