DuraFORM™ Rollers

Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Rollers

Best in class DuraFORM™ rollers enable to achieve greater levels of productivity while reducing operational costs assicuated with downtime for maintenance and repairs.The combination of the base material and the coating, which reduces sticking and buildup of the blanks' coating and the diffusion into the roller, provides a strong SiC matrix.

Features and Benefits


Advanced Base Material

  • No unexpected breakages due to thermal shock
  • No bending and deformation due to strong SiC matrix
  • Structural integrity during operations & maintenance

Patented Coating Solution

  • No infiltration of AlSi to the base material
  • Easy removal of AlSi thereby reducing cleaning efforts
  • Refurbishment available for even longer lifetime and less environmental impact
Material Properties

Silicon carbide, often abbreviated to SiC, is a synthetic technical ceramic renowned for its outstanding thermodynamic characteristics. High-temperature strength and excellent thermal shock resistance combine to give silicon carbide ceramics the leading edge in extremely demanding thermal processes. Among these is hot stamping of automobile components.


High thermal shock resistance


Max. service temperature up to 1450°C


High mechanical strength up to 180 MPa

Product Use

Suitable for use in high-temperature roller hearth kilns. Best in class solution for hot stampers, who are dealing with contamination issues.


Ceramic Systems Hot Stamping DuraFORM™ Ceramic Rollers - Flyer

DuraFORM Ceramic Rollers for Hot Stamping Applications

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