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We offer Kiln furniture systems with expertise in design and customization for every type of kiln and automated system. Our LO-MASS® components are customizable and flexible for whiteware and porcelain tableware firing systems. LO-MASS® solutions adapt advanced Silicon Carbide ceramic materials that offer significantly enhanced material characteristics as compared to traditional heavy mass kiln furniture systems.

Energy efficiencies in high temperature applications
Minimize mass while maximizing strength
Increased automation compatibility for loading and unloading

Features and Benefits


Customers have reported substantially improved operating efficiencies after replacing cordierite kiln furniture with LO-MASS® advanced silicon carbide kiln furniture systems, including N-Durance® support posts and setter plates as well as Silit® SK support and stringer beams.

These systems offer several key benefits, including:

  • Improved sustainability
  • Lower refractory mass
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved structural stability
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved fired product quality
  • Faster ROI

LO-MASS® XXL plates are offered in a maximum size of 1,250x900x10 mm.


This increased setting space offers many advantages, including:

  • Further reduction of structural supports and kiln furniture
  • Elimination of joints and seams underneath the product
  • Flatness retention over a large setting area
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What are the advantages of LO-MASS® kiln furniture for DPF/GPF filter and substrate manufacturing?


The exceptional properties of LO-MASS® components and systems make them an ideal choice for the firing of automotive diesel and gasoline particulate filters (DPF/GPF) and substrates.


LO-MASS® components offer exceptional benefits. The production of thin, lightweight plates and profiles provides more efficient utilization of the kiln and lowers overall operational costs. LO-MASS® components’ excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures maximizes the number of filters per plate, resulting in more product being fired and less kiln furniture.


LO-MASS® components increase productivity for DPF/GPF filter and substrate manufacturing while reducing energy consumption. In addition to offering increased strength and output, LO-MASS® components help improve vital sustainability efforts. Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories is the industry leader in the development of silicon carbide materials with exceptional high-temperature oxidation resistance.


Kiln furniture assemblies for use in the manufacture of DPF/GPF filters and substrates consist mainly of Advancer®, N-Durance® and Hexoloy® advanced silicon carbide. These products offer excellent performance and compatibility with the fired product. Leveraging the power of the proprietary KilnWorks® customized software, Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories‘ engineers can design and develop customized kiln furniture for any application.


LO-MASS® kiln furniture and LO-MASS® silicon carbide components and assemblies are the clear choices versus traditional materials.


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